Some facts about "Unitree"

Unitree is a Latvian IT company established in 1991. During the many years of successful work its employees have implemented a large number of IT solutions of various levels of complexity in enterprises operating in a variety of business areas.

Delivering technology to the companies of the world's leading brands, assisting in setting up and maintaining it, providing customers with advice and advice, understanding business problems of enterprises - all this allowed Unitree to gain credibility and trust of its customers. The company has proved to be a stable and competent supplier of various services, where professional and experienced specialists work.

Closely adjoining in the activity with IT technologies of the various enterprises, managers of the company not only understand tasks and problems of heads of the business enterprises, but are also well guided in issues and wishes of heads of IT services. Cooperation of any enterprise with Unitree is a factor of successful and effective development of its business based on the use of IT technologies.


Remote administration and maintenance services